Maintenance tips for Diesel Generators

We all know how important the Generators are. Whether its Hospitals or any Event. Generators plays an important role of keeping things working.

But, we tend to take generators for granted. We only look at them when we need them

Here are some tips to make sure that the Generators are fully functional when required!

The maintenance tips can broadly be grouped into 4 types

1. Before starting the Gen Set:

-> Make sure there are no adulteration Diesel
-> Batteries are sufficiently charged -> Proper ventilation
-> Lube oil and coolant are at the recommended level

2. During Gen Set in operation

1.Check if Lube oil pressure and coolant temperature are within limit
2.Make sure the load is proper on the engine, and no black smoke from the Gen Set

3. Preventive maintenance for long term benefits

-> Replacement of oil, coolant and filters
-> Use only recommended spare parts and consumables
-> Keep the place clean

4. Go green: This is something that everyone should to, to have a better Gen Set and eventually have a better environment

-> Make sure the wastage from the Gen Set are disposed properly. Not Disposing oil and filters properly can cause environmental hazards
-> Follow standard operating procedures as suggested by the supplier